Experience the Eternal Beauty of Kerala’s Mountains and Rainforest

The travelers can get the most adventurous journey through the roads of the rainforest and mountains. Kerala is the most dynamic place in the country. You can get equivalent astonishment of mountains, forests, rivers, and temples. Now you can know some valuable details of Mathikettan Shola Rainforest. The trekking tour in this national park would be a lifetime experience for the travelers. Eternal beauty and untouched corners of the forest will be explored with the best guides. The 5 days tour would make a dreamy impact in your life surely.

Days in the forest:

The total tour will be finished in 5 days. Yet, people can choose the span of spending their holidays in the rainforest. Generally, the travel agency can show the attractive tourist spots and most of the national park in these days. The 5 day tour including arrival and departure would make you overly happy.


The 12.82 km area of the national park is located at the Poopara village in Udumbanchola. The high peaks, falls, forest and eternal blank space can take you to the highest level of excitement.

1st day – after the arrival in the Poopara village, tourists can start with the 2640 m peek. Suryaneli is the second highest peak in the region. The grassland may draw the perfect introduction in your mind so that you can understand the rest of the tour. The hurdles of this grassland will provide amazing photographs to you.

2nd day – the 2nd day would start at very early in the morning. Tourists can see the sunrise from mountains of BL Ram. The guide will take you to the butterfly forest to see the sunrise behind the hills and if you arrived at that space in October or November, then you can see the mass migration of butterflies. The whistling thrush and unforgettable spectacles will take you to the ultimate level of exoticism. Here, the tourists can visit the culture Muduvans. This civilization is living in the upper mountains for centuries. They are the history of our country and this state. Therefore, the architectures, lifestyle and dance & music may give an exuberant day to you.

3rd day – you are in the center of the Maathikettan Shola park now. It is the time to move your eyes around because the oldest Asian elephants are beside you. They are watching every movement of the tourists always. You can feel that you are in the homes of the Elephants; therefore, you must be very careful about your activity. The elephants permit to drink the beauty, but without hampering their peace. Santanpara is famous for its Nilgiri Langurs and Elephants among the world.

Enjoy Home-Brewed Tea When Camping Out at Wright’s Beach

Since our last great camping in Death Valley National Park last December, we had been looking for another campground that would be closer to home as a weekend getaway but at the same time not so close that we would feel as if we are camping in our own backyard. And while my hubby always prefers camping at beachfront so nothing would block him from taking all in the sea view, my once dreadful experience of losing all night sleep from unrelenting howling sea wind that constantly pounded our tent has since made me hesitate at beachfront camping – unless the campsite happens to have bushes around to block out the wind that would warrant me a good night sleep.

Truly in Luck

As luck would have it, I finally got a site at Wright’s Beach Campground to spend our last weekend of April there after revisiting the online booking site numerous times. This is a super popular campground in northern California that faces direct to the Pacific Ocean and is about a two-hour drive from home (or similar hours if traveling from San Francisco). On top of that, the latest weather forecast for that weekend was all sunny with clear blue sky and temperature in comfortable 70 -75°F (21-24°C), not the foggy and cold weather that we would often encounter when traveling through that area. And given a few weeks ago we were just forced to cancel our trip to Bodega Dune Campground, about 10-15 minute drive from Wright’s Beach Campground, because of heavy rain that weekend, boy, we were truly in luck this time! And our luck continued when the ranger told us upon our arrival that we could consider switching from our booked site #22 to site #14 whose reservation was just canceled. We took it after a quick inspection of the site because #14 was much closer to the beach.

Settling in and Relaxed

We decided to get ourselves completely settled before heading for the beach. When we were settling in, we noticed this was a dog-friendly campground. Several of our neighbors brought along their dogs. There were only 22 sites in total in this campground. With bushes that naturally divide each site and block out the sea wind, I would consider this is the most serene campground I’ve ever experienced. Plus, not only each of the six bathrooms close to our site was very clean, well maintained, but each had its own faucet, hot water, and a bar soap right inside the bathroom. Although the campground didn’t have a shower facility, we’re OK with that since we would camp only one night.

Just a few steps out and we were at the beach. The beach was really clean. Our daughter was apparently intrigued by lots of large and intact clam shells scattered on the beach and had some fun collecting them into her sand bucket. To our surprise and enjoyment, there were few people at the beach that Saturday afternoon, quite an unusual sight in the standards of California beaches, but surely a pleasant one. The view of the sunset was beyond words. I grew up in the island nation of Taiwan, traveled and lived in several countries in Europe, the Middle East, and the United States, and have seen lots of beautiful sunsets. But for this one, you got to see it to believe me when I said it was beyond words. It’s truly divine, serene and joyful.

BBQ and Home-brewed Oolong Tea

In between two visits to the beach that Saturday afternoon, we had prepared grilled chicken marinated in America dry rub, Indian tandoori and Korean barbecue sauce, respectively, as well as grilled veggies and mushroom. To relieve all that greasiness in our stomach, we had a cup of Taiwan Oolong tea that I brewed at home an hour before our trip.

Oolong tea has become a regular healthy drink I would bring along during camping. It’s healthier compared with sugary drinks such as soda and juice; it doesn’t require any refrigeration or cooler to stay fresh as does for orange juice and yogurt; anyone can enjoy as much as he/she can, day or night, without worrying being intoxicated.

But it’s hard to resist sugar rush even when we’re out in the camp. So we later brewed the Mid-Eastern-style sweet mint tea – dumping lots of fresh home-grown mint into a pot of hot black tea with a couple spoons of sugar, watched stars and enjoyed the family chat over the campfire before calling it a night.

Whale Watching with More Tea

We woke up to a beautiful, sunny and warm Sunday morning. And for the first time in my life, I didn’t bother to wear a jacket to keep out the chill while at the beach in the morning. We sat on the beach watching our daughter chasing waves and people surfing and enjoyed doing nothing but soaking up the sun for a few hours and sipping more iced Oolong tea. We were even lucky to see two whales – one big, one small – emerging from the sea in the close distance. We later learned that Wright’s Beach is a popular place to watch whales.

5 Super Fun Things To Do With Your Kid at Garner State Park

Opened in the 1920′s by a family of German immigrants, Garner State Park’s beautiful river and views of the canyons made it the perfect camping location. Today the park is as popular as ever with many visitors choosing the park for their camping destination. With plenty of cabins and campgrounds as well as activities suitable for adults and children alike, this park is perfect for your family vacation. Unsure if your children will enjoy what it has to offer? Here are 5 super fun things to do with your kid at Garner State Park.

1. Geocaching

Who doesn’t enjoy a good scavenger hunt from time to time? Geocaching is scavenger hunting, treasure hunting, and hiking all in one. Armed with a GPS location device, you input the coordinates of a suspected geocache site and set off on foot to find it. This allows plenty of time to hike through the natural beauty of the park and explore. Once you get close you must look under bushes, rocks, or into holes carved in trees, etc for the hidden “treasure” or geocache. It is a huge hit with kids.

2. Swimming

There is no shortage of options for those kids who love to swim. Take them to a watering hole to swim in the fresh and cool waters of the river or challenge them to take a turn hurling themselves into the water using a rope swing.

3. Hiking

There are plenty of trails to explore and get lost in. Your kids will enjoy hiking riverside or climbing in elevation up and through the canyon trails. Make sure to bring supplies and plenty of water to stay hydrated during your excursions. Depending on the age of your children you will want to pick out a suitable hiking distance accordingly.

4. Camping

The are plenty of camping sites to choose from. Most have electric hook-ups so you can camp in a more modern style complete with a few luxuries to keep you comfortable and entertained. There are also fire pits, grills, and picnic tables so you can host a large feast or a get together at your campsite. Sing and play music around the fire or make s’mores to keep the kids happy and laughing.

5. Rent a cabin

The next step up from camping is staying in screened in shelters that provide many of the same hook ups as camping such as covered picnic tables, electricity, access to running water, and a fire pit. However, if you would like to stay in a cabin, there are plenty to choose from. They offer a home away from home feel with amenities such as kitchens with appliances, central air, bedrooms and bathrooms, and fireplaces.